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James W. Healey, Assemblyman, Nevada State Assembly District 35



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road 11

You asked, I Heard You, and Here is the Result…

On September 16, 2014, a Town Hall Meeting was held at Reedom Elementary in order to provide an update on all of the road projects we have worked hard to put into action in the Mt. Edge area. Here is an update direct from Clark County Public Works with project descriptions and tentative timelines. I will continue to work closely with the County to ensure our projects are completed and your lives and commutes become safer and more convenient.


Dear Neighbors,
I want to continue to hear from you what your issues and concerns are so that I can address those as well. Please contact me at any time by emailing me at or by phone at 702-712-7095.
James Healey

District 35

Meet James

James Healey is currently the Executive Director of Housekeeping at the New York – New York Hotel and Casino. James has more than twenty years of operational management experience in the hotel and casino industry.

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From concerns about the economy and the perennial topics of our educational system, veteran’s welfare and more, James speaks out about his views on the range of issues guiding this year’s Nevada State Assembly race.

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