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The number one priority I will have while serving as your Legislator is Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!!! In order for Nevada to “Reset” and become stronger than ever, we must create new jobs for the skilled men and women ready to work. One way to increase the number of jobs available is through economic diversification. Nevada must attract new industries such as manufacturing, information technology and renewable energy. These industries bring thousands of long term sustainable jobs. I will also work to find ways to fund road and building projects such as Interstate 11 which would create thousands of jobs while creating a roadway that will also increase business opportunities.

EDUCATION — Children are our future
A key factor in a strong economy is a highly educated workforce. Improving funding and accountability are important factors needed to improve the Education System in Nevada. Adopting the “Common Core Standards” will ensure that students’ transition between schools will not become a detriment to the ability for them to keep up. This will help more of our students stay on track and in school. I will fight to find opportunities to secure stable funding for our schools. We need to continue to find ways to recruit and keep the best teachers and to reduce the overcrowding in our classrooms so all students receive the attention they need to help them learn and to prepare them for today’s jobs.

Veterans – They fight for our rights, I will fight for theirs!
As a grandson of a retired Navy Commander, I have grown up to respect the heroism that the men and women in the Armed Forces display daily. As your Assemblyman, I will fight hard to ensure that rights and services are available for our Veterans. With so many heroes from Nevada coming home from the war, I consider it my privilege to ensure that we protect those that put their life on the line to protect our rights. With the new VA Hospital and Community Living Center getting ready to début in Southern Nevada this year, it sets the stage to gain awareness and necessity to continue to expand services and programs for our Vets.

Seniors – Keeping the gold in “Golden Years”
Our valley is a very attractive place for seniors to enjoy their retirement. We have outstanding Senior Communities and I am committed to work closely with our seniors to ensure that we can continue to provide a quality way of retirement and attract thousands more to retire in our beautiful state.

Foreclosures – Stop the bleeding
As a Legislator I will be focused on ways to continue to hold financial institutions accountable and responsible. We must create laws to protect home buyers from ever being faced with the kind of crisis so many of my constituents are currently enduring. I will work with our Federal Representatives in pushing for solutions and options for homeowners that are currently in trouble. We must find ways to keep people in their homes and reduce the number of vacant or abandoned properties that are creating eyesores and safety issues for our families while driving down home values.